Which travels does the Travel Guarantee Fund compensate?

The Travel Guarantee Fund provides assistance to travel customers who have bought a package tour and in some cases to travel customers who have bought a cross boarder flight-only from Denmark. It is described in The Travel Guarantee Fund Act Section 5 and 5a in which cases the Fund provides assistance. The Act can be found here.


Which travels does the Fund compensate?

The Travel Guarantee Fund's coverage includes the travel services that are described in The Act Section 2 (1) - primarily package tours and and in some cases flight-only.

A package tour often consists of transportation and accommodation, e.g. a flight ticket and hotel accommodation or a bus ticket and hotel. Everything must be purchased from the same travel provider. The exact definition of a package tour is described in The Act Section 2 (1). A package tour is always covered by the Fund if you have purchased it from a travel provider who is registered in the Fund. The invoice does not have to state that you are covered by the Fund. Registered travel providers can be found here (in Danish).

A cruise will be considered as a package tour in itself.

A high school stay of longer duration is not a package tour if the student lives with a family that is not paid for the accommodation. Thus the accommodation is not considered an element of a package tour, and the education is not a tourist service.

Flight-only may be covered by the Fund. If you have bought a cross boarder flight ticket from Denmark and is left stranded abroad at the time of the travel provider's bankruptcy, the Fund will arrange home transportation to Denmark if you have a valid flight ticket home. "The travel provider" is the company you bought the ticket from, i.e. the airline if you bought the ticket directly from an airline. If you bought the ticket from a travel agency, it is the travel agency that is your travel provider, unless the travel agency explicitly informed you that you dealt with the airline and not them.

Rental of a holiday home is not a travel service and is not covered by the Fund.

Travel services purchased online
Your travel can very well be bought online, if you purchase a travel service that is covered by the Fund and if the travel provider is registered in the Fund. The travel provider must display their registration in the Travel Guarantee Fund. However it may sometimes be difficult to determine whether the flight ticket and accommodation are purchased from the same travel provider. For instance, if you buy your flight ticket at a website and are transferred to another website when ordering accommodation, you can not be certain that you have purchased flight and accommodation from the same provider - and if you have not done that, it is not a package tour that is covered by the Fund. In case of doubt, please contact us here.

Gift voucher
You can't count on that a gift voucher for a travel is covered by the Fund if the travel provider goes bankrupt. If it is stated on the gift voucher that it must be used for buying a package tour and is purchased from a travel provider that is registered in the Fund, and if it can be proven that the gift voucher has been paid for, it will presumably be covered by the Fund. If you have any questions concerning gift vouchers, please contact us here.

Don't forget!
Always remember to get an invoice/a ticket stating what you have bought. If you want to find out whether a specific travel is covered by the Fund or not, please contact us here.

How can the Travel Guarantee Fund assist you in case of a bankruptcy?

The assistance that the Travel Guarantee Fund provides is described in The Act Section 5 and Section 5(1). The Act can be found here.

Bankruptcy before the intended travel
The Fund can reimburse the amount you have paid for the package tour. Concerning travel or cancellation insurance you must apply for reimbursement at the insurance company. If you have only bought a flight ticket cross boarder from Denmark you will receive compensation if the Fund has sufficient Capital, and there is a deductible of DKK 1,000 per person.

Bankruptcy while you are already abroad
If you have bought a package tour with accommodation and the bankruptcy is causing you to leave, the Fund will make sure you get another place to stay. The Fund may have to disrupt your vacation. In this case you can make a compensation claim for the disrupted part of your vacation.

If you have bought a package tour where repatriation is included the Fund or SOS International A/S will ensure repatriation within "a reasonable period of time". You may have to stay a bit longer than planned at the destination but the Fund cannot cover lost wages etc. If you do not consent to await the repatriation arranged by the Fund/SOS International and instead arranges your own return, the Fund cannot cover the expenses for your new ticket etc.

If you have bought a return flight ticket cross boarder from Denmark the Fund or SOS will ensure repatriation "within a reasonable period of time". If you do not consent to await the repatriation arranged by the Fund/SOS it will be for your own cost.


Guidance in case of bankruptcy

Download the reimbursement form here.



What to do? - Customers who are already abroad

If the travel provider has a guide service at your destination, please contact the guide. The Fund informs the guide about the scheduled repatriation etc.

It is either the Travel Guarantee Fund or SOS International A/S, who arranges repatriation for customers, who are stranded at their travel destination due to their travel provider's bankruptcy.

As soon as possible after a bankruptcy, we will post on our website if we have had the required information from the travel provider so that we can contact the stranded customers, or if the customers must contact either us or SOS International A/S instead.

The Fund's contact information can be found here. For urgent matters outside office hours, please call 20 70 83 33.

Contact information for SOS International A/S will be put on the Fund's website if SOS will be arranging the repatriation.

In case of emergency please contact the call service of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Phone 33 92 00 00.

What to do? - Customers who have not yet left

If you have bought a travel service and find that you travel provider has gone bankrupt, the Fund will most likely contact you. If your departure date is close, the Fund will try to contact you immediately. If this fails, you should on your own contact the Fund - contact information can be found here.

Unless your departure date is imminent, you must await for the Fund to contact you. Usually the travel provider's accounting will provide a list of the customers whose travel has been prevented. Subsequently the Fund will send you a letter with guidance on the proceedings and a reimbursement form.

If you have not heard from us during a few weeks after the bankruptcy, it is probably because we have not received a list of the customers. Instead you are requested to download the reimbursement form from our website and to send it to us together with the required documents.

Guidance on submission of the reimbursement form

Download the reimbursement form here.

The reimbursement form must be completed and sent by ordinary mail (i.e. not e-mail) to the Fund together with:

  • your invoice
  • your receipt/s for the amount paid to the travel provider

It is important that you submit the required documents. Otherwise proceedings may be delayed.

The Fund recommends that you make copies of your documents before sending them to us.


When the Fund has received and registered your claim you will receive an e-mail confirmation. The e-mail includes your reference number to which you must refer if you want to contact the Fund.

The processing time varies depending on the number of customers involved in the bankruptcy. We deal with the claims in the order of the customers' departure date.

When the claim has been considered you will get a notice from the Fund - either to let you know that your compensation will be transferred to your bank account or to let you know why your claim has been rejected.

Transfer of claim to another travel provider

If you wish to book a travel with another travel provider, you can check if it is possible for you to transfer your claim to one of the other travel providers who are registered in the Fund - if the travel provider agrees to the arrangement. Instead of transferring your claim to you after having considered it, we will pay the compensation to your new travel provider.

In this case you must pass on the completed original reimbursement form to your new travel provider together with your invoice and receipt/bank statements. Remember to fill out section 5 on the reimbursement form with the name of your new travel provider and the amount you would like the Fund to pay to your new travel provider. The Fund cannot pay more than what you are entitled to regarding the bankrupt travel provider. If it is found that your travel is not covered by the Fund, you must pay your new travel provider yourself.

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The Act

The Fund was established in accordance with the Act of 1979. The latest Act is 1101 of September 3rd 2015. The Promulgation of the Travel Guarantee Fund Act can be found here.

There has not yet been made an executive order to the new Act, so the executive order on registration, provision of security etc. with the Travel Guarantee Fund to the previous Act is still in force. It is the Executive Order of Denmark's National Consumer Authority No 1494 of 16 December 2009. The Executive Order can be found here.

The board of directors of the Travel Guarantee Fund consists of one chairman and six members. The board is appointed by the Minister for Business and Growth. The Board has engaged a secretariat to handle administration etc. The Fund's articles and the board's rules of procedure are laid down by the board and approved by the Minister. The articles and rules of procedure - in Danish - can be found here.

Within six months after the expiry of a calendar year the Fund renders an annual account, audited by the National Audit Office of Denmark (Rigsrevisionen). The latest annual report - in Danish - can be found here.